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We are a 501-c-3, non-profit service organization dedicated to veterans from all eras who seek relief from their Post-Traumatic Stress. Our organization is centered around the PRRP/PTSD Residential Treatment Unit at the Veterans Administration’s Medical Center in Northport, New York (Long Island). We are in the business of offering administrative, logistical, and financial aid to Veterans about to enter, fully enrolled in, and graduated from this ninety-day, inpatient treatment program.

Our Mission is to make it just a little easier for Veterans to commit to the full extent of the treatment protocol. This includes various forms of orientation, the full ninety days in treatment, and the program-prescribed aftercare.

Ways in which we try to make this experience truly rewarding and long-lasting, we are available to the Residents and program Staff on a daily basis. We also hold three weekly evening meetings for the Residents. Our Monday meeting is primarily for the dissemination of information pertinent to Veterans. The Tuesday meeting is centered more on substance abuse, run as an AA meeting for Veterans, and how Veterans can deal with this issue. Thirdly, our Wednesday meeting is for camaraderie and open communication between all the Veterans in attendance. The PTSD Association schedules a home-cooked meal for the Wednesday evening meetings.

We solicit for, and collect, both monetary funds and material items specifically for those Veterans availing themselves of the PRRP/PTSD Residential Program. We are able to pay some of the bills of those in need of assistance. Examples of other items we distribute are: phone cards, automotive repairs, home repairs, family groceries, help with rent payments; any needed clothing, field trips (as permitted by the Staff); memorial bricks for our Veteran’s Garden; etc. This is all done on a case by case basis, and we do not “hand out” cash. Instead, we pay the actual bill, or invoice, for the Veteran in need.

With the influx of OIF/OEF Veterans, we are constantly looking for ways to better serve the needs of our Veterans. We have affiliations with other Veterans Service Organizations, here on Long Island, in an attempt to stay current on all Veterans issues and be available to a wider range of Veterans in our community.

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